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Kieran Kingston known as Senior Research Fellow - Sport & Coaching


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PhD in Sport Psychology (University of Wales, 2000)


Kieran in a Senior Research Fellow at USW supervising a number of doctoral students. Previously in his roles at Cardiff Metropolitan University he made a significant contribution to the Sport & Exercise Sciences, particularly in the area of sport psychology. He served as the Discipline Director for psychology from 2005-2012, and was the School’s Discipline Director Coordinator from 2009-2012. He has also provided consultancy services to team and individual athletes, coaches, and NGBs, and was first accredited by BASES as Sport & Exercise Scientist (Psychology) in 1994.

His research interests focus on the social-cognitive approaches to understanding motivation and confidence and specifically, his interests include: promoting well-being as a mechanism to support adherence and performance, the process and effects of goal setting in sport, sources of confidence, development of a mastery motivational climate in academy environments, coach-athlete relationships, and the psychology of golf.


I am an established academic who has taken active roles in the management, development, and delivery of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I’m a conscientious, supportive colleague, and believe i have the personal and intellectual capability to make a significant contribution to the growth and development of the team around me and the wider organisation I serve. I am an engaging, measured thinker, who takes pride in being able to contribute to discussions in matters beyond my expertise. I’m an effective communicator in all forms, take pride in my professionalism, and strongly believe in providing students with the best experience possible to enhance them academically and personally.


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