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PhD “Optimization of Microbial Fuel Cell based on Multiple Electrode for Bio-electrochemical Wastewater Treatment Process”
MS “Voltage Enhancement of Microbial Fuel Cells with Multiple Membrane Electrode Assembly”
BS Environmental Engineering


Major Research Areas & Interests
- Renewable & Sustainable Energy
- Biotechnology
- Bio-electrochemistry & electrochemistry
- Bio-energy Production & bioremediation using bio-electrochemical systems
- Thermodynamics/Kinetic analysis based on electrochemical reaction
- Water treatment engineering & Wastewater treatment engineering
- Water/Wastewater treatment technology based on bio-electrochemistry & electrochemistry


2018-Present Research Fellow, Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC), University of South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
2017-2018 Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea


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International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology (ISMET)
International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
Korean Society for Environmental Engineers (KSEE)
Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS)
Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology (KSMB)

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