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2017 PhD School of Biology and School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews.
Portfolio: ‘Spatial ecology of marine top predators’

2010 MRes Environmental Biology, University of St Andrews and University of Dundee
Thesis: ‘A state-space approach to estimate grey seal pup production’

2002 BSc Astrophysics, Cardiff University
Thesis: ‘Forbidden line (III+) spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei’


My research interests are inter-disciplinary on the interfaces of ecology, statistics, geography, and computing. Broadly, I work on spatial ecology and conservation problems, particularly modelling species distributions, analysing telemetry data, movement modelling, and the ecology of top predators.


Current supervision
Dylan Owen MSc Thesis ‘Analysing the spatial and temporal characteristics of home ranges within bottlenose dolphins of the Marianas Archipelago’

Priyanka Sharma MSc Thesis ‘Assessing the distribution of snow leopards over a large spatial scale’


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