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PhD, MA, BSc (Hons)


I am a Lecturer in Human Geography with research interests at the intersection of social, cultural and political geography. My recent doctoral research examined contemporary issues of youth citizenship and national identity in the context of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the Scottish independence referendum. Within this research study, I investigated the views and experiences of 16 and 17 year olds living in Glasgow, as they became among the first citizens in the UK to vote at this age. Through their involvement in the Commonwealth Games and newfound right to vote, I considered how these events enabled them to actively re-imagine and re-shape geographical understandings of the nation.


Teaching 2017/18
GE1S20 Landscapes In Transition
GE2S007 Participatory Geography
GE2S25 Landscapes of Consumption
GE3S001 Urban Geography – Space, Society And Difference


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Mills, S. and Duckett, J. (2016). ‘Representing, reproducing and re-configuring the nation: geographies of youth citizenship and devolution’, in Kallio, K. P and Mills, S. (2015) Geographies of Politics, Citizenship and Rights, Vol. 7 of Skelton, T. (ed.) Springer Major Reference Work in Geographies of Children and Young People. Springer: New York

Duckett, J. (2015). ‘Citizenship’ by Richard Yarwood, Children’s Geographies, 13(4), 496-497.

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