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MA Education (Open)
BA Hons (Open)
Cert. Ed (PCET)


I have been actively engaged in Educational Development since 2001. I have worked across a number of institutions: College based HE; a research intensive HEI and – from 2018, at the University of South Wales. I have also worked with Universities in Sub-Sahara Africa and India.


I have had the opportunity to work across a range of different types of activities including working with Institutions to fulfil their strategic goals; acting as a consultant with teams of staff to support and facilitate bespoke responses to identified needs; and enabling individuals by acting as a mentor, critical friend or coach.

My capabilities in leadership have seen me undertake a number of roles over the years including the management of a dispersed team of academics located across Cornwall, strategic leadership for College based Higher Education, as well as the more expected leadership of a Teacher Education programme. Whilst I am happy to accept the responsibilities associated with a management role I consider that Teams work best in a collaborative mode and so I seek to engage with peers in this way – whenever possible.

Passionate about the possibilities of research-led teaching I am actively involved in a number of research projects all of which are underpinned by my belief in social justice and the potential for Education to be a site of transformation.


Deputy Director of CELT;


Details of some of my recent publications can be located here:


George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling


I currently contribute to the Cara Syria Programme. See


My professional research interests revolve around curriculum design and its transformative possibilities for cultural changes both within and without the academy. In support of this I am interested in how academic identity is constructed and maintained within a changing and challenged sector.

Currently I have 4 foci:

1.Decolonisation of Higher Education curricula with a particular interest in the intersection between curriculum, pedagogy and ethnic identity;
2.Curriculum design within an officially bilingual institution and its contribution to the growth of intercultural competence;
3.Academic identity creation including the use of reflection, scholarship and activist activity; and
4. The exploration of how Social Cartography can be utilised as a research method across a variety of sites of investigation.



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