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BSc, PhD


Award Leader for MSc BIM and Sustainability
Computer Aided Design within the Construction Industry


Mantle, EJ. Littlewood, J. Jenkins, D. 2004. A Survey Focusing On The Use Of Computer Aided Design And 3d Visualisation By Uk Building Design Professionals Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Architcture, Engineering and Construction. Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 15 -17th June, 2005. Printed by Optima Grafische Communicatie, Rotterdam. Vol 2. pp 871 – 880.

Mantle, EJ. Jenkins, D. Jiang, L. 2007. The use of Visualization to Enhance Public Participation within the Planning Process. 10th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management. 11-13 July, 2007

Mantle, EJ. Jenkins, D. Jiang, L. Bilder einer Aufstellung (Picture in a Gallery): An Exhibition to discover Public preferences towards presentational techniques to enhance participation in Urban Planning. 8th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality. 20th – 21st October 2008. Pp. 481-502


The use of 3D CAD Technology within the Planning Process to enhance public Participation within the Planning Process.

Current Research: The use of 3D CAD and GIS Technology within UK Councils

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