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MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management (University of South Wales, United Kingdom)
BSc Environmental Studies (HAS University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands)


Test rig development | FEED | P&ID | HAZOP | COSHH | DSEAR | Writing Tender Specification | Process Control | Project and Time Management | Process modelling | Aspentech Aspen Adsorption | Matworks Matlab |


Hydrogen recovery from steelworks arising Coke Oven Gas

Demonstrate a novel hydrogen separation/compression method using a combination of Pressure Swing Adsorption and Electrochemical Hydrogen Purification and Compression technology. The aim is to demonstrate the method through process modelling and experimentation at pilot scale, producing 0.6 kg H2/day.

Areas of Expertise

Process modelling of hydrogen separation processes.
- Aspen Adsorption for Pressure Swing Adsorption
- Matlab for Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation and Compression
- FEED, P&IDs, HAZOPs, COSHH, DSEA, Risk Assessments
- Component Procurement/Tender specification



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