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Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, MIEEE, MIET, SFHEA. PhD in Computer Science, Ingénieur (M.Eng.) in Electronic Engineering


Dr Roula is the head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of South Wales.


Career Summary

After a graduating with a 1st as an electronic engineer, Dr. M. A. Roula briefly joined a City Bank graduate program then went on to complete a PhD in computer science at Queen’s university of Belfast in 2004. During his PhD project, Dr. Roula worked with a multidisciplinary team to develop AI computer vision system for the automated pattern recognition of prostatic samples to allow discrimination between normal and malignant cells.

After his PhD, Dr. Roula joined the University of South Wales (ex- Glamorgan) as a senior lecturer where he is involved teaching various electronics and computing modules as well as active research in biomedical engineering.

Dr. Roula is a regular reviewer of technical conferences such as IEEE IACSSA, acted as publication Co-chair in for IEEE ICM2014 and co chair for HCI2018. He also a reviewer for journals such as pattern recognition, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and others.


Dr. Roula as published over 50 research contributions in field of biomedical engineering and computing. Here is a selection of recent work:

S Ramaraju, M A Roula and P McCarthy, “Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Working Memory: Comparison of effect on Learning Shapes and English Letters”, Submitted to PLOS ONE, 2nd round of review, 2020.

Ziyi Zhang, Mohammed Ali Roula and Richard Dinsdale, Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy for Biomass Measurement: A Feasibility Study , Journal Sensors, MDPI , June, 2019.

Ramaraju, Sriharsha; Roula, Ali; McCarthy, Modelling the Effect of Electrode Displacement on Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation , Journal of Neural Engineering. Jan 2018.

Ali Roula, Sriharsha Ramaraju, Peter McCarthy “Brain Stimulation and Brain Computer Interfacing”, Proceedings
of British HCI 2018 – 32nd Human Computer Interaction Conference, Jul 2018.

Yasin Mamatjan, Ali Roula, Shabuerjiang Wubuli, Rapid Estimation of Object Movements in Magnetic Induction Tomography, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Vol 27, Issue 4 2018.


Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Member of IEEE Biomedical Engineering Society
Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)


Areas of interest include, Brain Computer Interfacing,Computer vision & AI., Biomedical signal processing.

Dr. Roula’s main research interest is medical signal and image processing including computer pattern recognition. He is also involved in the Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) research which aims at developing contactless and non-invasive imaging methods for medical and non-medical applications. A more recent interest of Dr. Roula’s research is Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI) using EEG.

Dr Ali Roula is currently involved in 3 KESS grants with 1) Cymtec Ltd., 2) Global Laser (starting 2020) and 3) TANGIO Ltd (starting 2020) . Dr. Ali Roula was awarded various grants in the past including a “research and innovation grant” of a total value of £81,000- funded by HPC Wales, and an EPSRC grant worth on a project of a total value of £117,000 looking at image reconstruction in Magnetic Induction Tomography. Dr. Roula was also awarded a Welsh crucible grant to collaborate with researchers from Cardiff university’s school of psychology on using computer vision for autism research.


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