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BA (Hons) Psychology (Wales); CQSW PgDip (Wales); PhD Psychology (Wales);British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist; HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist

Professional Body

Health Professions Council Registered Practitioner Psychologist
Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society


Prof John has worked in the field of psychological health for many years, in research, teaching and treatment delivery, developing and evaluating health related interventions. She has also delivered psychological therapies. Her main focus is applied research in psychological health, in particular promoting positive behaviour change in mental and physical health and substance misuse; and the development and evaluation of psychological interventions. She has developed assessment and screening instruments that are now recommended in NICE guidelines (e.g. FAST alcohol screening test). She has extensive expertise in a wide range of research methodologies, including quantitative, qualitative and desk based approaches. She has contributed to policy developments and the public debate on alcohol interventions; and has published widely in peer reviewed journals and other relevant media.


Head of Research in the School of Psychology
Award Leader, MSc Health Psychology (BPS Accredited training programme)


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Emmerson, C., John, B., Faulkner, S., Lancastle, D. & Roderique-Davies, G. (2017). The effectiveness of brief information and self-efficacy based interventions in influencing snack choices in homeless individuals. Frontiers in Public Health, 5:293. DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2017.00293

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Heirene, R., Roderique-Davies, G., Roberts, P. & John, B (2016) Identification and Evaluation of Neuropsychological Tools Used in the Assessment of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage: A Systematic Review Protocol. Cogent Psychology, 3(1), 1229841. DOI:

Pizziamenti, A., Gori, M., Onesti, E., John, B. & Inghilleri, M. (2015) Communication of diagnosis in amyotrophic sclerosis: stratification of patients for the estimation of individual needs. Front. Psychol., 02 June, 2015.

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Book chapter: Alwyn, T. & John, B. (2012) Alcohol: harm reduction. In Pates, R. & Riley, D (Eds). Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High Risk Behaviour. International Policy and Practice. Wiley Blackwell Addiction Press. Oxford

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Published Reports
John, B., Holloway, K., Davies, N., May, T., Buhociu, M. & Roderique-Davies, G. (2017) An Investigation of the social impact of problem gambling in Wales. Welsh Assembly Members Consortium.

Roderique-Davies, G. & John, B. (2017) Investigating the potential impact of changing health messages on alcohol products. Alcohol Concern Cymru.

John, B. & Roderique-Davies, G. (2017). An investigation into the comorbidity of harmful drinking and gambling behaviour. Alcohol Concern Cymru.

Alwyn, T., John, B. & Thomas, E. (2013). A Review of the Delivery of and Access to Psychological (Talking) Therapies in Wales. Welsh Government

John, B. & Alwyn, T. (2012). Mapping the night-time economy: An evaluation of alcohol related harm in Swansea city centre. A report to Public Health Wales (Swansea).

John, B. & Alwyn, T. (2009) Mapping student alcohol consumption & drinking patterns, and the factors influencing this behaviour in students at Higher Education Institutions in Wales. Cardiff. Welsh Government

Alwyn, T. & John, B. (2009) An assessment of alcohol related attendances and staff attitudes to screening and treatment at Emergency departments in Wales. Cardiff. Welsh Government

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Alwyn, T. & John, B (2005) From lollipops to Alcopops: developing sensible attitudes to alcohol in children and parents. A report to the Alcohol Education Research Council

John, B. (2005) The evaluation of an Arts-based motivational intervention in a private sector work-place. Report to Arts and Business Wales.

John, B., Alwyn, T & Hodgson, R.J (2001) The development of a brief global outcome measure for problem drinkers. Report to the Welsh Office Research & Development (WORD).

Alwyn, T., John, B., & Hodgson, R.J (2000) the effectiveness of a brief psychological intervention used an adjunct to a home detoxification program. Report to the Welsh Office Research & Development (WORD)


University of South Wales Health and Well-being committee


Associate Editor, Journal of Substance Use;
Grants Advisory Panel Member, Alcohol Research U.K.
Editorial Board Member, British Journal of Mental Health Nursing;
Reviewer for ESRC; Journal of Mental Health; Addiction Theory & Research


Alcohol Related Brain Damage
Alcohol dependence and treatment outcomes;
Gambling dependence and harm
Health Psychology and behaviour change
Alcohol education and attitude change
Social cognitive antecedents to health risk behaviour
The development of Screening and Assessment instruments in health and risk behaviours


John, B., Roderique-Davies, G. & Holloway K. An Investigation of the Social Impact of Problem Gambling in Wales. Welsh Assembly Members Consortium. £17,000 (March 2017)

Roderique-Davies, G. & John, B. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Factors predicting relapse and drop out from substance-related care and support services. £54,000 (April 2017)

John, B. & Roderique-Davies, G. Alcohol Concern. Investigating the potential health impact of changing alcohol beverage public health messages. £8,000. (January 2017)

Roderique-Davies G & John B. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Alcohol related brain damage in Wales: An investigation of prevalence and the evaluation of a pilot supported housing project intervention. £54,000 (April 2016)

John, B. & Faulker, S. Developing a multi media patient centered consultation aid to improve outcomes in chronic pain services. USW Research Impact Investment Award. £6,000 February 2016

John, B., Faulkner, S. & Saxena, N. Welsh Pain Society. Engaging Clinicians in the chronic pain service £3000 (September 2015)

John B & Roderique-Davies G. USW Science & Health Research Institute funding. The development and evaluation of a screening tool for alcohol-related brain damage; £10,000 (March 2015).
Review of Access to Psychological Therapies in Wales. Welsh Government. £37,100 (2012)

John, B & Alwyn, T. Public health Swansea. An evaluation of the night time economy in Swansea & Bridgend. £8,000 (2012)

John, B. & Alwyn, T. Alcohol related social norm perceptions in university students: a review of effective interventions for change. Alcohol Education Research Council. (£36,000) (2010)

John, B. & Alwyn, T. Promoting safe and sensible attitudes to alcohol in children and their families (Phase 1 & 2). Funded by the Alcohol Education Research Council for £80,000. (2004)

The implementation of a brief intervention for identified hazardous drinkers in A&E Departments. Funded by the Health development Agency for £50,000, 1998-1999.

The feasibility of alcohol interventions in Accident & Emergency departments. Funded by Health Development Agency for £40,000.1998-1999.

The addition of a psychological intervention to a home detoxification programme. Funded by Welsh Office R&D for £65,000. 1996-2000

Invited talks

keynote lecture at the Ash Wales & Alcohol Concern international conference (2011) on the social cognitive antecedents of heavy drinking behavior in first year students
invited  seminar for a Cardiff Professional and Business Women society: Our favourite drug: Teaching our children to drink
keynote lecture at the inaugural conference for Alcohol Concern Cymru (2011) on Interventions to develop sensible attitudes to drinking in children
Invited presentation at the New Directions in Alcohol Research Group annual conference (Lancaster University (2011)) on the evidence for social normative interventions for heavy student  drinkers

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