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Kate Williams is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of South Wales. She is also Director of the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice, a HEFCW funded initiative which brings together researchers across eight Welsh universities and builds links with both policy and practice. Over more than 30 years, she has undertaken and managed numerous empirical research projects and has published on a wide range of crime and justice related topics, including youth justice, female offending, CCTV, victims, crime reduction, risk management, human rights and social justice. Recent research has revolved around the criminal justice service in rural areas (particularly the Youth Justice Service and the Police) and the treatment of women and young people who offend (evaluation of initiatives for diverting women and young people out of the official criminal justice system) and an evaluation of the motivations and explanations behind prolific young offenders. Kate also acts as an advisor to the Youth Justice Board Cymru’s Practice Development Panel (Hwb Doeth), she co-chairs Domestic Homicide Reviews in two local authority areas in Wales, sits on the Welsh Government’s Safer Communities Programme, and has provided advice to the Welsh Government on subjects such as substance misuse.


Selected Recent Publications
Haines, K, Williams, K S and Johns, D. (2017) A Study of ‘Prolific’ Offending by Young People in Wales 2009-2015. Youth Justice Board Cymru, WCCSJ and WG (162 pages)
Holloway, K., Williams, K S and Brayford, J. (2017) Evaluation of the Pan-Wales Women’s Triage (The Diversion Scheme) Presented to IOM Cymru in March 2017. (107 pages)
Johns, D., Williams, K S and Haines, K (2016) ‘Ecological Youth Justice: The social ecology of young people’s prolific offending’ Youth Justice. Web publication only at the moment.
Williams, K S and Holloway, K. (2016) Evaluation of the Children and Young Persons’ Outcome Monitoring Tool Presented to Welsh Government on 26th April 2016. (92 pages)
Williams, K S and Llywelyn, D. (2016) An Independent Evaluation of the Dyfed-Powys Bureaus (105 pages) YJB Cymru and the Welsh Government. (105 pages)
Williams, K. S. (2015) ‘Children, Human Rights and Criminal Justice in Wales’ Cambrian Law Review 45: 96-124.
Williams, K.S. (2015) ‘Victims and the Voluntary Sector: A Torrid Affair’. Found in A. Hucklesby and M. Corcoran The Voluntary Sector and Criminal Justice London: Palgrave Macmillan. Pp. 211-240.
Williams, K.S. (2015) ‘Breaking the Cycles of Women through Equality not Difference’. Found in J. Annison, J. Brayford and J. Deering Women and Criminal Justice: From the Corston Report to Transforming Rehabilitation. Bristol: Policy Press. Pp. 195 – 215
Williams, K. S. (2015) ‘Children, Human Rights and Criminal Justice in Wales’ Cambrian Law Review 45: 96-124.
Williams, K.S. and Feilzer, M. (2013) ‘Welsh Devolution and Civil Society: Shaping the Future?’ Web Journal of Current Legal Issues 19(4)
Williams, K.S. (2013) ‘Punishment of Serious Human Rights Violations by Changing Internal Moral Codes’ Statecrime 2(2): 173-195
Feilzer, M. Y., Williams, K.S., Plows, A., and Yates, J. (2013) ‘Localism, Communities and Women’ Contemporary Wales 26(1): 79-98.
Williams, K. S. (2012). Textbook on Criminology, (7th Edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Director of the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Policy (WCCSJ)


Member of Hwb Doeth, the practice development panel for Youth Justice.
Welsh Government’s Safer Communities Programme
Chair of two Domestic Violence Homicide Review Boards in Wales

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