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• PhD (1987): The University of Nottingham
• MSc (1983): The University of Nottingham
• PgCED (1994): The University of Glamorgan
TLB 32/33 (1996): The University of Glamorgan
• BEng (Hons.): Ingénieur d’état (1978)- Ecole Nationale Polytechnique, French system


Career Summary

Sept’90 to date The University of South Wales formerly University of Glamorgan
Senior Lecturer at The Electronics & CSE Unit, Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science.
Chair Learning and Teaching departmental committee
July’90-Sept’90 CEGELEC-MARCONI (Leicester)- Head of Department of Quality control products in Telecommunications and Electronics division.
Join the Polytechnic of Wales, soon became The University of Glamorgan

Sept’89-June’90 The University of Bournemouth- Senior Lecturer

Jan’86- June’89 The People’s College of HE in Nottingham- Part-time Senior Lecturer

Jan’85-March’89 The University of Nottingham- Research officer at Nottingham University. My research interests were in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated Inspection using image processing and pattern recognition techniques for manufacturing industries.

Oct’82 – Dec’84 Aim Dynamics Ltd Norwich- Founder Member/Director and Senior Consultant

Sept’79-Sept’81 Army – Trained and served in Logistics where I acquired valuable experience in the management of men (300+) and equipment (budget of £60 million +).

Oct’78-Sept’79 General Electrics(GE), American consumer group- Research and development assistant engineer then Quality Assurance officer

1973-1978 Sonatrach-Oil Company – Trainee Engineer


Specialist Projects

Developed commercial Human posture monitoring system for a major manufacturer (Oxford instruments).

Developed APRIS system (Automatic Pattern Recognition and Inspection System), a commercial system for the quality control of product packaging ( ABBICI).

Developed commercial Vibration monitoring system for transport vehicle (avionics, maritime and trains.)- BR, Aerospatiale


Main Teaching subjects and course leadership

Module Leader and lecturer, at the University of South Wales (UK), FCES, on various modules at different levels- 1st year to final year and postgraduate. Responsible for the development and delivery of Lecture, tutorial and Laboratory materials including distance and online delivery. Subject include – Microcomputer Embedded systems, Digital Electronics, Software Engineering & IT.

Administrative Activities


Selected Publications

B. Mehenni; “Novel approach to human posture monitoring”; Electronic engineering Magazine; pp 12-15; March 1983.

B. Mehenni; N. Milner; “Monitoring of human postures at work”; Journal of applied ergonomics; Vol.23, No.11, Pubs Elsevier; October 1984.

B. Mehenni; P Blanchfield; “A highly parallel system for the visual inspection of printed containers”; ISATA Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Automotive Technology & Automation; Vol.1; Monte Carlo; October 1988.

B. Mehenni; “n-tuple engine for automatic inspection in the manufacturing industry”; SPIE Vol.543 Robot Vision; pp37-42; 1989.

A. Nathan; B. Mehenni; “Application of a variant of the n-tuple techniques to OCR”; Pattern Recognition letters; Vol.2; p265; 1992.

B. Mehenni; P Blanchfield; “Novel Approach to Pattern Recognition and Quality control” Proceedings of IEEE 2nd International Conference on automation, Robotics and Computer Vision (ICARCV’92); Vol.1 pp-CV 20.4.1-20-4-6; Singapore; 1992.

B.Mehenni; M. Wahab; “APRIS: Automatic Pattern Recognition and Inspection system”; proceedings of IEEE 7th Annual European Computer Conference (COMPEURO’93); Paris France; ISBN 0-8186-4030-8/93; May’ 93.

B. Mehenni; G Deighan; “Ties: Textile Industry Expert System for”; Expert Systems applications; Vol.10; No.4;July 1993.


External / Professional Representation

• CEng

• External examiner (institution) and PhD/MPhil examiner


Consultancy Activities

Teaching company supervisor: Offering help, guidance and academic supervision to the TCA (enrolled as MPhil) and consultancy to the company.

International marketing/recruitment/Liaison officer- French partner HE Institutes: Cachan (Paris), ISTASE (Ste Etienne), IUT (Rennes), IUT (Nantes & St. Malo), IUT Marseille & Aix and ASIFE association

Consultant to UGCS via CEPE- Deliver training and short courses to industry and offer expertise and advice on embedded microcomputer systems, programming (software engineering) and e-commerce.


Main Research Subjects & Current Projects

AI & Pattern Recognition & Image processing-

Work on variants the n-tuple techniques for industrial image processing/ Pattern recognition involving hardware and software in embedded solutions. Also, some interests in aspects pedagogies in higher education, especially the contribution and impact of technologies in Higher education.

Current projects include:

Human Posture Monitoring System

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