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PhD in Politics and International Relations
MA in International Relations
BA in Journalism and Mass Media


Filippos Proedrou is a Research Fellow in International Affairs in the University of South Wales. Previously, he worked as Research Associate in Energy Law and Policy for Queen Mary University and for the Institute of International Relations in Prague. He was also Visiting Lecturer in the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki and in VUZF University in Sofia, as well as Adjunct Lecturer in the American College of Thessaloniki and the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, Thessaloniki.
His areas of expertise are energy and climate politics, EU energy security and EU-Russia relations. Besides these, his research interests include European integration, geopolitics, global governance, public diplomacy, and ecological economics and politics of sustainability.


• Nov 2016- April 2017 – Research Associate in Energy Law and Policy, Queen Mary University of London, Center of Commercial Law Studies, London, UK
Main tasks: Working on the EU-funded WiseGRID program; scrutinizing existing legislation and regulatory frameworks at the local, national and European level; analyzing the existing and emerging business models in the European smart grids landscape; and identifying the social and ethical issues and challenges in the context of the new smart grids, with an emphasis on the interplay between smart girds and energy security; liaising with other stakeholders in the consortium; participating in consortium-wide meetings.
• May 2015- April 2017 – Associate Research Fellow in Politics and International Relations, Institute of International Relations (IIR), Prague, Czech Republic
Main tasks: Conduct of research; publication of research papers with a focus on energy politics
• Feb 2014- Feb 2017 – Visiting Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, International Hellenic University (IHU), Thessaloniki, Greece
Main tasks: Preparation and delivery of the course ‘Black Sea States and the EU’ at MA level
• Sept 2012- Sept 2015 – Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations, American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), Thessaloniki, Greece
• Oct 2009- Sept 2015 – Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations, DEI College (Registered Centre of the University of London), Thessaloniki, Greece
• Feb 2008- Sept 2013 – Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, Thessaloniki, Greece
• Sept 2011- Sept 2013 – Visiting Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, VUZF University, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Sept 2009- Feb 2010 – Visiting Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of West Macedonia, Florina, Greece
• Feb 2010- Sept 2010 – Research Track Leader in Politics and International Relations, South East European Research Centre (SEERC), Thessaloniki, Greece
Main tasks: Undertaking research and publishing; bidding for research grants; research project management; evaluation of research projects proposals and research papers; research-led teaching; delivery of lectures, seminars and tutorials; mentoring of junior colleagues; organization of, and participation in, conferences, seminars and open discussions
Modules taught:
International Relations courses – International Relations, International Security, International Organizations, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Development, Complex Emergencies and Humanitarian Responses
EU courses – European Union, The EU as a Global Actor, Citizenship and Democracy in Europe
Courses on Energy – Energy Politics, Geopolitics of Energy
Politics courses – Democracy and Democratization, Comparative Politics, Understanding Globalization


Academic Publications

• Energy and economic policy under climate change. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 2018
• Global politics: Actors, structures and processes. Athens: Kallipos. 2015
• Development and welfare in the 21st century. The approach of ecological economics and the case of Greece. iWrite, Thessaloniki, 2013
• EU energy security in the gas sector: Evolving dynamics, policy dilemmas and prospects, Ashgate, Surrey, 2012
• The need to reform global governance. An introduction to cosmopolitan democracy, together with Dr. Frangonikolopoulos, Sideris Editions, Athens, 2010

Chapters in edited volumes
• ‘Are smart grids the key to EU energy security?’, in Rafael Leal-Arcas and Jan Wouters (eds) Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy, Edward Elgar, 2017, pp. 450-459
Articles in peer-reviewed Journals
• ‘Prosumers: New actors in EU energy security’, together with Rafael Leal-Arcas and Feja Lesniewska. In F. Amtenbrink, D. Prévost and R. Wessel (eds.), Netherlands Yearbook of International Law: Shifting Forms and Levels of Cooperation in International Economic Law: Structural Developments in Trade, Investment and Financial Regulation, vol. 48, 2017, pp. 139-172

• ‘Legislation, Business Models and Social Aspects’. WiseGRID Report, pp. 1-249.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals
• ‘Smart grids in the European Union: Assessing energy security, regulation & social and ethical considerations’, together with Rafael Leal-Arcas and Feja Lesniewska, Columbia Journal of European Law, vol, 24, no. 2 (forthcoming)
• ‘In quest for governance: The failures of regionalism, pan-European security and bigemony in Black Sea politics’, Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea States, vol 18, no. 3, 2018, pp. 439-456.
• ‘Russian energy policy and structural power in Europe’, Europe-Asia Studies,70(1), 2018, pp. 75-89
• ‘Revisiting pipeline politics and diplomacy: from energy security to domestic politics explanations’, Problems of Post-Communism, Online First, 2017
• ‘A new framework for EU energy security: putting sustainability first’, European Politics and Society, vol. 18, no. 2, 2017, pp. 182-198
• ‘Why Russian gas diplomacy fails: the geopolitics-energy nexus in Ukraine and Turkey’, Asia Europe Journal, vol. 15, no. 1, 2017, pp. 21-37
• ‘EU energy security beyond the Ukraine crisis: towards holistic diversification’, European Foreign Affairs Review, vol. 21. no. 1, Spring 2016, pp. 57-73
• ‘Reinforcing global legitimacy and efficiency: the case for strategic discursive public diplomacy’, together with Christos Frangonikolopoulos, Global Discourse, vol. 4. no. 1, 2014, pp. 1-19.
• ‘Global governance and cosmopolitan democracy: bridging the gap between proponents and opponents’, together with Christos Frangonikolopoulos, Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy, vol. 2, no. 1, 2013
• ‘Re-conceptualizing the energy and security complex in the Eastern Mediterranean’, Cyprus Review, vol. 24, no. 2, 2013, pp. 15-28
• ‘Re-conceptualising the Energy and Security Complex in the Eastern Mediterranean’, Geopolitics of Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence 3, 2013
• ‘Re-conceptualising the Energy and Security Complex in the Eastern Mediterranean’, Geopolitics of Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence 5, 2012
• ‘Refocusing public diplomacy: The need for strategic discursive public diplomacy’, Diplomacy and Statecraft, together with Christos Frangonikolopoulos, vol. 23, no. 4, 2012, pp. 728-745
• ‘Ukraine’s foreign policy: Accounting for Ukraine’s indeterminate stance between Russia and the West’, Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, vol. 10, no. 4, 2010, pp. 443-456
• ‘Sensitivity and vulnerability shifts and the new energy pattern in the EU-Russia gas trade. Prospects for the near future’. Brussels Journal of International Relations, vol. 63, no. 1, 2010, pp. 85-104
• ‘Russia’s re-emergence in the global capitalist system: Globalizing or anti-globalizing force?’, together with Christos Frangonikolopoulos. Journal of Contemporary European Studies, vol. 18, no. 1, 2010, pp. 79-91
• ‘The EU-Russia energy approach under the prism of interdependence’, European Security, vol. 61, nos. 3-4, September-December 2007, pp. 329-355
• ‘The impact of European integration in the EU-Russia relations’, Market without frontiers, vol. 12, no. 1, June-July-August 2006, pp. 46-74
Policy Papers
• ‘What is the Turkish Stream and why does it matter?’. Central European Journal of International Security Studies eContributions, 2015, available at
• ‘Rethinking energy security: and inter-paradigmatic debate’, ELIAMEP Policy Papers 24, February 2015
• ‘Seizing the middle ground: Cosmopolitan Democracy, its critique and possible steps forward for global governance’, together with Christos Frangonikolopoulos, GR:EEN Working Paper no. 27, 2012
• ‘EU-Russia energy diplomacy: The need for an active strategic partnership’, together with Konstantinos Hazakis. EU Diplomacy Paper 04/2012, College of Europe, 2012
• ‘EU energy security and Russia: A re-conceptualization of threats and policy priorities’, ELIAMEP Thesis, 2/2010, April 2010
Publications in web platforms, think-tanks and non-peer-reviewed journals
• ‘Conceptualizing, understanding and addressing the climate change challenge: From theory to policy-making, KEDISA, 21 September 2016, available at
• ‘The end of pipeline politics?, NaturalGasEurope, 25 May 2016, available at
• ‘Considering Brexit in the energy and climate setting’, Vestra Sententia, 18 May 2016, available at!Considering-Brexit-In-The-Energy-And-Climate-Setting/cjds/573c54250cf2248de7e831cb
• ‘What future for the “Power of Siberia”?, KEDISA, 17 May 2016, available at
• ‘Shaping the Energy Union: Towards low-carbon security and a “prosumers”’ market?’, KEDISA, 28 April 2016, available at
• ‘ISIS’ next twist and the West’s security in the Middle East and North Africa’, Vestra Sententia, 7 April 2016, available at!ISIS’-Next-Twist-And-The-West’s-Security-In-The-Middle-East-And-Africa/cjds/57057fbb0cf2c53596ab392c
• ‘Appraising Greece’s new political landscape: Are the winds of change blowing?’, Vestra Sententia, 27 January 2016, available at!Appraising-Greece’s-New-Political-Landscape-Are-the-Winds-of-Change-Blowing/cjds/56a9346e0cf215a9bb9dc35e
• ‘Pipeline diplomacy and the energy-security nexus in Russo-Turkish relations’, KEDISA, 22 January 2016, available at
• Greece’s anti-foreign policy’, Vestra Sententia, 15 January 2016, available at!Greeces-AntiForeign-Policy/cjds/56993d430cf2e099257274aa
• ‘The potential and brakes of international conflict: A note on events and non-events’, The Newport Times, 9 January 2016, available at
• ‘Risk or opportunity for the EU: A diary for 2016’, Vestra Sententia, 8 January 2016, available at!Risk-or-Opportunity-for-the-EU-A-Diary-for-2016/cjds/568ecf190cf2a5b1e9214168
• ‘What do energy prices hold for 2016 and beyond?’, Vestra Sententia, 6 January 2016, available at!What-do-energy-prices-hold-for-2016-and-beyond/cjds/568d2b540cf217d8fb7f410d
• ‘From a troubled 2015 to 2016 signposts’, KEDISA, 30 December 2015, available at
• ‘Untangling the case for Brexit: A critical investigation into identity- and rationality-based thinking’, KEDISA, 16 December 2015, available at
• ‘The Paris climate deal – A recap’, The Newport Times’, The Newport Times, 14 December 2015, available at
• ‘Empowering citizens: On new education and energy systems’, The Newport Times, 8 December 2015, available at
• ‘The Russo-Turkish turf war: Myths and realities’, The Newport Times, 28 November 2015, available at
• ‘Why is Brexit on the table?’, The Newport Times, 23 November 2015, available at
• ‘Putting Gazprom’s moves in perspective’, Natural Gas Europe, 21 October 2015, available at
• ‘The quest for sustainability: Energy, trade and the economy’, Modern Diplomacy, 21 April 2015, available at
• ‘European gas security and global energy and environmental trends: no business as usual?’, Maritime Economies 31, 13 March 2013

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