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This three year project is funded via a Kess II studentship, with Mencap Cymru as a partner. The project commenced in April 2017 within the Faculty of Life Science and Education at the University of South Wales.

PhD title: Health Checks and After Health Checks Study: Annual health checks for people with learning disabilities: An exploration of experiences, follow up and self-management of health conditions.

The study will seek to address a gap in knowledge in this area and in particular will seek to address the following three questions:

How are issues identified within annual health checks for people with learning disabilities in Wales followed up and addressed?

How do individuals and their carers self-manage conditions identified within annual health checks?

What support do they receive to support self-management of health conditions?

This will be a qualitative study, with a longitudinal element so that the follow-up of health checks can be explored over time. The study aims to recruit around 15-20 people with LD who have recently had their annual health check. They (and where relevant their families and carers) will be interviewed as soon as possible after the check to explore their experiences, any issues identified and what actions are proposed. They will then be interviewed again six months later and again at 11 months as they should be preparing for the next check. These follow up interviews will explore whether planned actions had been taken, their perceptions of such actions and what they had (or had not) achieved, how health conditions are being (self) managed, and the support they are receiving in relation to their health.

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