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Christopher Retallick known as Topher Retallick

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BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Science.
MSc (Dist) Health and Exercise Sciences
PgCE (Post-Compulsory Education and Training)
PhD, “Arterial stiffness, obesity and metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents”.
CSci, Chartered Scientist, Science Council


Main Teaching Areas

Body composition, paediatric exercise physiology, physical activity and health.


  • University of Glamorgan,
  • University of the West of England.


Retallick, C.J., Whitcombe, D.M., Davies, B., Hullin, D.A., McDonnell, B., Munnery, M., Cockcroft, J.R. and S.R.P. Williams. Elevations in alanine aminotransferase are associated with insulin resistance, overweight and obesity and low aerobic fitness levels in children and adolescents. Diabetes and Obesity. Association for the Study of Obesity Conference, University College London, November 2011 and Appetite (in press).

Baker, J.S., Retallick, C.J., Reynolds, P., Davies, B. and Robergs, R.A. (2009). Blood lactate concentrations following repeat brief maximal intermittent exercise in man. Glycolytic energy supply and influence of plasma volume changes. In, Lithlaw, P.N. (Ed.). Glycolysis: Regulation, Processes and Diseases. Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Retallick, C.J., Baker, J.S., Williams, S.R.P., Whitcombe, D. and Davies, B. (2007). Plasma volume response to 30s cycle ergometry: influence on lipid and lipoprotein. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 39(9): 1579-1586.

Smith, J.C., McDonell, B., Retallick, C., McEniery, C., Carey, C., Davies, J.S., Barrett, T., Cockroft, J.R. and Paisey, R. (2007). Is arterial stiffening in Alström syndrome linked to the development of cardiomyopathy? European Journal of Clinical Investigation. 37: 99-105.

Sabin, M.A., De Hora, M., Holly, J.M.P., Hunt, L.P., Ford, A.L., Williams, S.R., Baker, J.S., Retallick, C.J., Crowne, E.C., Shield, J.P.H. (2007). Fasting nonesterified fatty acid profiles in childhood and their relationship with adiposity, insulin sensitivity, and lipid levels. Pediatrics. 120(6): e1426-e1433

McEniery, C.M., Yasmin, Wallace, S., Maki-Petaja, K., McDonnell, B., Sharman, J.E., Retallick, C., Franklin, S.S., Brown, M.J., Lloyd, R.C., Cockcroft, J.R., Wilkinson, I.B. and ENIGMA Study Investigators. (2005). Increased stroke volume and aortic stiffness contribute to isolated systolic hypertension in young adults. Hypertension. 46:221-6.

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Association for the Study of Obesity.
British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Pedagogy).


Investigating the prevalence and causes of the Metabolic Syndrome and Arterial Stiffness in Welsh school children.

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